Can Whirlpool Tub Be Converted To Regular Tub By Consumer Reports?

Can whirlpool tub be converted to regular tub?-an undenied question

Currently, the whirlpool tub is used widely. Many customers are still worried that their bathroom has unreasonable charges for electricity and water lines, so it is difficult to install another one to replace the original.

That’s why many people have wondered: “Can whirlpool tub be converted to regular tub?”. 

Get ready if you’re one of them, as the article below will show you more than what you expect!

Can whirlpool tub be converted to regular tub?

There is a chance to transform the bathtub from whirlpool into a regular type by yourself. However, this action takes quite a lot of effort, so prepare mentally and call for help from experts to get the right advice. 

Another way to ask for references is to go online. Rather than the answer, the replies you get include tons of tips that are applicable not only for this case, but they also work out for others.

How to convert?

Move the old drainage away

The whirlpool tub already has its drain system, and only a special pipe suits it. Hence, when switching to a regular bath, a lack of another water release is obvious. 

Replacing the pipeline sounds simple but actually it’s not as easy as you think, even when you have guidance. The best solution is to have professors do this step.

Determine the new location

Wherever you put the tub, be sure that nothing in the room breaks down. Although it was only about lifting the tub 20 cm from where the bath was, it is quite vital to involve quite a lot on the pipes and drains.

Elevate the whirlpool tub

You need to move the tub higher to avoid substantial impacts that cause cracking, batching, and secure the positions of the screws and faucets on the tank.

Install plumbing and drainage

The whirlpool tub has its showers and water pipes, but these are not suitable for regular baths. That’s why another kit for preparation should be possessed.

  • Locate drains, overflow pipes, inlet pipes, and power lines for the best fit for the bathtub.
  • Fix the positions of the drain hose and the overflow pipe according to the manufacturer and technician’s instructions.
  • Check these areas carefully to make sure they do not leak or occur other problems. It is advisable to use specialized adhesives to bond the pipes effectively.

Fix the tub at the installation site

Once the tub has been fixed, these are the final stages to complete your work:

  • Connect the pipe to the water valve inside the tub.
  • Monitor the water level to see if there is any change such as leak.
  • Use silicone glue to attach the bathtub to the bathroom wall and conceal any crevices.

Properly installing the regular bath will help prevent the tub from tilting and ensure aesthetics and safety for users.


A floor drain hole- indispensable gear

Not everyone knows what to note when converting the whirlpool to the regular tub. Thus, take a glance at the information below if you have got no ideas!

  • There should be a floor drain hole to prevent water from getting stuck on the floor if a leak is in any part of the tub.
  • The size for each type of faucets and tubs is different, so you should choose the right one.
  • Avoid letting the cigarette butts fall into the sink and cause burn marks.
  • Do not wash your hair in the tub to avoid hair loss in the exhaust system, causing a blockage.
  • Do not directly flush water hotter than 60 degrees into the tub to prevent the basin’s damage and discoloration.
  • To ensure safety, do not let children bathe alone. Opposed to the whirlpool tub, the regular tub is very smooth. Your children may get injured if they slip and fall down.

Final words

After completing all of the above steps, you can safely use your family’s bathtub on your own. Moreover, it’s wiser to have experts consult for proper installation and safety for all family members. Can whirlpool tub be converted to regular tub?- no more concern-right?