Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review

Eddy Water Descaler is a UK based company that is known for producing soft, clean and healthy water for your body. It is an environment-friendly product as it does not waste much water and it is less expensive to purchase compared to other water softener products in the market today.

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Likewise, it does not take much time to be installed. This article has been written in other to do a review on Eddy water descaler electronic water softener. It will also look into the water softener features,  performances, installation and maintenance and the pros and cons of this product.

Water Softener Features

In contrary to its name, this product is not a water softener and does not really perform like one. What it does is that it solves some of the problems that a water softener can do but does not actually soften your water. You would also not be expending much purchasing it as it comes at a low price.

Also, it has been tested and trusted by the FCC as interference free. Meanwhile, it does not take much time and energy to install it, and it is easy to maintain. Eddy water softener comes with a 12 months warranty from the company.


This water softener water has a high level of performances. It makes use of electromagnetism to get rid of the adverse effects which some elements which are most time seen in hard water possess. Although the electromagnetic wave does not remove the calcium and magnesium found in the hard water, it changes the properties of the water to restrict it from forming scale in the pipes and appliances.

While most water softeners eliminate totally the calcium and the magnesium found in the hard water, this product changes these elements into more soluble particles which are less harmful to your home pipes and appliances.

One major benefit you would get from Eddy water softener is that the calcium and magnesium kept would keep your water clean and healthy. And since you are not eliminating this mineral, your water does not become soft but would have the same features with soft water.

Also, this water softer uses an electronic system that supplies about 110 volts of power. Likewise, it makes use of an average light bulb with a rating of 40 watts rate making it a less expensive product to purchase.

Installation and Maintenance

Many users have commended this product for its easy installation processes and its maintenance-free feature.  All you would do to put this product into action would take you less than 5 minutes. The first thing to do is to form about to coils by rolling the wire around the incoming cold water supply pipes. Then, you would mount the power unit on a wall, or a flat surface very near the pipes.

After that,  the last thing would do is insert the red plug into the input and do a system check. For the maintenance of this water softener, you would use less time and energy as this product does not have anything to clean or change.


1. The first thing you would love about this product is that you won’t be expending much purchasing it.

2. Another benefit is that it is a reliable product and comes with a 12-months warranty from the manufacturer.

3. It does not get rid of calcium and magnesium that keep your water clean and healthy always.

4. It is an environment free as it does not waste much water.


1. It does not soften water as its name implies

2. It leaves behind calcium and magnesium materials that are harmful to your home pipes and appliances.

3. Although you can install this product easily, it cannot be installed outdoor.