Hard Water Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener Review

Hard water bullet is one of the most famous and reliable brands when it comes to the production of the water softener. Poly triple action water softener is one of the best models it has produced so far. This product has a portable design and does not taste sour like how other water does.

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Even though it comes at a high price rate, it has unique performances that worth its price. This article would do a review of the water softener features, performances, installation and maintenance and the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Water Softener Features

This product comes in a compact design that can be installed quickly to anywhere in your room. Hard water bullet poly water softener is clean and healthy water as it is not made with any BPA plastic material. Alongside this water softener, it comes with a wall bracket that helps you to install it without much stress.

Also, it has been tested and trusted by the NSF for its clean and healthy water and its high level of performances. Hard water bullet water softener is a reliable, durable model as it comes with a 5-year warranty from the product. Similarly, you can return it if after six months you are not 100% certified.

Unlike many water softeners, this product can be installed outdoor easily. But you would need to take extra care and maintain it in other for it not to freeze.


Hard water bullet poly triple action water the softener has maximum effectiveness and efficiency. It uses the salt-free technology that keeps your water as soft as you desire. While it gets rid of calcium carbonate totally, it leaves behind chlorine, iron and calcium minerals. These minerals give additional health benefits to your body.

Another unique performance of this model is that it has a high flow rate of about 30 GPM. This high flow does not only help you to reduce the water pressure of the product, but it also produces adequate water for your consumption.

Installation and Maintenance

For this product, you won’t find it difficult to put into action and also to maintain.   It comes with a mounting bracket that makes your installation easy. Likewise, maintaining it is at the same time easy. All you need is to change the filter cartridge every 3-6 months and to make some proper upkeep. Then, you got no worry.


1. It features salt-free softening technology that helps you to keep your water as soft as possible. The technology does no has any resin; neither does it uses any cubic feet calculation.

2. It can be installed outdoor without any stress or worry.

3. It produces clean and healthy food as it does not use any BPA plastic material.

4. It has a 6-months guaranty alongside with a 5-year warranty

5. It has an NSF certification.


1. It comes at a relatively high price rate which might be difficult for a person on a budget to purchase.

2. It does not remove iron, chloramine, and calcium.