Why My Bathtub Won’t Drain Not Clogged And How To Fix It By Consumer Reports

Bathtub sink that doesn’t drain is definitely a problem for every household. This situation can even get on your nerves when you want to have a relaxing bath after a stressful working day.

When your bathtub can’t drain, the reasons are various: the perceived and the hidden causes.  Things you could see as a clogged bathtub are hair or dust at the stopper; the hidden ones are problems inside the drain pipe.

Using a plunger, removing the muck, or asking for help from a plumber are common ways to resolve a clog in your bathtub drain.

But, when your bathtub won’t drain not clogged, how do you manage it yourself? Keep reading and I will reveal some tips to fix it!

Why does the bathtub not drain? 

A clogged bathtub drain is caused by the hair, dirt, soap, small objects, mineral buildup, and moss in most situations.

You may find it bothersome due to the slow drain or a full clog. But trust me! If you know that it’s a clog in your drain, everything is going to be easy. 

What if you couldn’t find any clog in the bathtub but the drain is still moving slowly? Here are some causes that regularly happen.

  • The mucky buildup reduces the size of the drain pipes (partial clog issue).

There is too much dust that is invisible to the naked eye. Over time, this buildup will gradually form a massive blockage down the water pipe.

That blockage is difficult to clean up yourself without a professional remover or a plumber.

  • A bathtub vent problem. A fixture with no vent may not drain or drain slowly.

The vent adjusts the air force in the pipes to make the pressure neutral. This action guarantees that the water will flow smoothly.

When water moves through the pipe, the vent reduces the air ahead of it, forming a pressure. This pressure increase must be released, or the pressure will push back on the water.

If the air were allowed to push back, the vent would make the wastewater flow and come out the drain. This process would completely avoid the terrible scent of the raw sewage.

How to fix the bathtub won’t drain not clogged?

The two methods below are economical, effective and easy for you to fix the bathtub drain.

If none of them works, you can troubleshoot both problems by calling a plumber. It’s the fastest solution when you’re busy but not an economical one. Manage it yourself is the most effective way in the long run.

Method 1

You should use a professional clog remover compound and pour it down the drain. The liquid will then combine with the dust inside the pipe and create a fizzy noise. It’s a sign that a chemical reaction has happened to remove the hair and dust. 

You could easily buy the compound on the Internet or the plumbing shops. You can also create a handmade liquid to eliminate the dust in the drainpipe by this formula:

+ 1/2 cup of salt 

+ 1/2 cup of baking soda 

+1/2 cup of vinegar

However, if the bathtub doesn’t drain and you can’t find any clog in the pipe, it’s probably a vent problem. It’s not difficult to resolve but you should ask a plumbing expert for help and then learn from him how to fix it for the first time. 

Let’s jump to the second method!

Method 2

The clog is located near the vent or the bathtub drain. The only solution is to clean it up to reduce standing water in the bathtub and make water drain faster.

You can check the vent quickly for the drain sink because there’s a free space below the sink. But for the bathtub, its vent is under the floor, so you may need a plumber to support you in fixing the clog drain. Trust me, it’s better than you mess up for the first time and make things worse.


Whenever you wonder why your bathtub won’t drain not clogged, I hope my solutions above could help you somehow. Without the presence of a plumber, I believe you will manage and fix it by yourself and know exactly what happens to the bathtub drain.

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